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Aside 28 Mar

today we remember all those abused in their childhood and those after those victims who took there own lives and we name those abusers who because of there powers felt the need to sexually abuse children from so many care homes far and wide jimmy savile the godfather off all child abuse his evilness destroyed so many lives.leon brittan who buggerd 13 year old boy councils and goverments who stay silent still today of there cover ups child sex abuse paedo brittan day is to make the whole cpuntry aware off so many children sexually abused all over the united kingdom all tweets from paedo britain show the lenths goverment,police,councils nspcc many other eastabliments to cover up child sex abuse protecting those vips responsibe i ask all twitter to send just one tweet each to highlight these disgusting nonces support paedo britain day its so worth while


THE PAEDOFILE: A conflict of interest waiting to become a scandal

28 Mar

The Slog.

How to protect every paedophile in Britain

International children’s services provider, Core Assets Group has announced the acquisition of Carter Brown Associates Ltd – the UK’s leading family expert witness firm. It is at best regulatory indolence and at worst a disgrace that this acquisition is being allowed to go ahead.

This latest acquisition by Core Assets – a rapidly expanding service supplier in the children and families sector – may make eminent sense for their business, but it makes no sense at all on the dimensions of justice and a level playing field for dysfunctional families; and while I would stress that absolutely no scandal I know of attaches to CAG, we must all wake up here and work out how paedophile rings operate.

Established in 2001, Carter Brown Associates delivers what it calls ‘bespoke expert witness services to legal professionals who operate in the family courts’. For those…

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18 Mar


The Guardian, 30th November 1991


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18 Mar
18 Mar
18 Mar
16 Mar


The Guardian, 14th March 1981

by Alan Rusbridger


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Guido Fawkes

Parliamentary plots and conspiracy

The Slog.

An incorrigible Cognitive Dissident


spotlight on abuse: the past on trial


Shouting From The Void


A voice for those who no longer can speak for themselves


The UK is fast becoming a paedophile playground